Take the Drudgery out of the P35 and Payroll with Infopay

Infopay's Principle Features Include:

- Unlimited Employers in Infopay (InfopayLite has facility for only 2 Employers).

- Up to 250 Employeees.

- All pay periods can be altered.

- Individual Employee Records can be created retrospectively.

- Prsi classes A, J, K, S and M are catered for.

- P30, P45, P60, P35 and wage summary reports.

- Fully ROS enabled.

- Payslips can be printed on normal A4 paper.

- Automatic completion of tax deduction cards.

- Net to Gross on a once off or a continual basis.

- E-mail payslips.

- Network licenses available.


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Infopay has the one ingredient lacking in traditional payroll programs - TOTAL FLEXIBILITY!
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